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The National Target Shotgun Association was formed in 2012 to promote the sport of Target Shotgun across the whole of the United Kingdom.  

This new and exciting shooting discipline grew out of practical shotgun. 

Target Shotgun has set courses of fire, with a set number of rounds shot in a fixed time, usually shot from a static position. 

Accuracy is a strong element within each match.  Whilst many matches are shot with slug ammunition, the NTSA have also developed Target Shotgun competitions which use both buckshot and birdshot.  The courses of fire may be prescribed and they can be demanding, but always fun to shoot!

Most competitions are shot at distances of 15 – 30 yards / metres but the NTSA have also developed matches which can be shot over greater distances up to 200 yards.  

Please feel free to download the many and varied courses of fire from the downloads section; try them out and see what you think.

The NTSA run National Championships with matches taking place in all four home countries. These are open to all shooters. The NTSA maintain records and award trophies to our champions. 

The Calendar of NTSA matches can be viewed on the right side of each page. 

There is also a NTSA Postal League which enables shooters to participate in the sport within their clubs.  

The NTSA welcomes all shooters to join as members. The advantages of membership include – good reason to possess a section 1 shotgun, reduced entry fees to NTSA Matches, the support and promotion of the sport by the NTSA.  

To join just download the membership form, complete and send in. Membership is just £25 per annum.

If you wish to learn more about Target Shotgun please contact the NTSA Chairman, James Armstrong  via email.  The NTSA are happy to visit clubs to give advice on the setting up and running of Target Shotgun within the club.


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